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We believe you are a rare breed. As a business owner, you took on significant risks, committed to long hours, and made a variety of sacrifices when you decided to hang out a shingle.

That means something to us.

In fact, we think our economy depends on businesses just like yours. This is why we are dedicated to serving the best-of-the-best when it comes to local businesses and service providers.

The world deserves to know about you.

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You struggled with building the review profile you need and deserve.
You’ve come to the realization the way you’ve been trying to get reviews doesn’t work.
You’re tired of losing out to the competition when you know in your gut what you offer is hands down a better service.
Your company needs outspoken brand ambassadors.
You want a turn-key, plug-and-play solution that gets results.

You Deserve to be Known

We understand how challenging it can be to grow your online review profile. This is why Reputation Rooster created a system that makes the process easy for you to be seen as the expert in your marketplace—to be a natural choice.

Based in Austin, Texas, we serve clients throughout the U.S. and view ourselves as your strategic partner. We believe your customers want to share you with the world. And we see it as our responsibility to make it easy for them to spread the word about you.

We’re not just enthusiastic about getting you a boatload of 5-star reviews, but we believe it is vital to your success.

Finally, you have a solution to this problem.

Success starts and ends with great service

We’re all about getting you known, trusted, recognized, and to become the number one leader in your space.

But we do more than provide you with a great review management platform to accomplish this.

This means, if for some reason, you do not see stellar results, we will quickly work one-on-one with you to find the cause and resolve it.

Although this is unlikely if you deliver outstanding service and use the Reputation Rooster platform to its fullest capacity, we’re confident a quick chat is all that’s needed to get your reviews flowing at the highest level possible.

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